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Employers are those who can demand the employee's work performance by virtue of an employment contract and owe the salary, says Wikipedia. But the employer's rights and obligations are much more complex and challenging.

We advise and accompany you in every phase and on all levels of labour law in your company.

Get us on board before it starts to waver - advice on labour law provided at an early stage saves you effort, costs, burdens on the peace of the company and unnecessary lawsuits. You can reach us reliably in Northern Germany!

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Your rights as an employer in labour law!

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The employer's duties begin even before an employment relationship is established. You want to fill a vacancy and are looking for a "young, motivated colleague" - and even before you have decided who will be hired, you have the first problem: discrimination. In Germany, we have a strong employee protection law that requires employers to have a lot of knowledge, duties and equal rights. All this is often at odds with the understandable pursuit of profitability, growth and ideal candidates. We see it as our task to guide you through the legal world of labour law and to work out legally sound decisions and actions with you.

In the end, the employer always pays? We understand that this impression arises in the cross section of the jurisdiction landscape with employers, nevertheless the multiplicity of employer payments is owed to the lack of knowledge and preparation of labour law steps. Termination without notice, which is not pronounced within two weeks of knowledge of the reason for termination; the signature of a manager on a letter of termination without power of attorney in the event of a lack of termination authority; the payment of continued remuneration in the event of illness without the employee's actual entitlement - all classics of avoidable mistakes.

We advise you in the background or in direct contact, just as the situation requires. Right from the start, comprehensively and with foresight for the effects of all decisions and steps.

Why we represent employees and employers and how you benefit from it!

Employees in the morning, employers in the afternoon...

Both sides? But don't lawyers have to take a political stand on labour law and decide whether they represent the employees or the employers? No, we don't. Labour law is a complex area of law that regulates the interaction between employees, employers, co-determination bodies and social security authorities. We firmly believe that our strength lies precisely in our ability to appear on all sides and therefore to know all sides. The key to resolving a labour dispute is to find a solution that all parties can go along with. But it is precisely for this purpose that the parties' point of view and interests must be known. We have the experience on both sides and use it specifically for our clients.

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