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You act on the management level or have personnel responsibility - we know the peculiarities, points of friction and design spaces in this dual position and advise you comprehensively.

Contact us if you have any questions or have any tensions in your working relationship - don't jeopardize your career ladder and get legal advice and representation in good time. You can also reach us in Hamburg Wandsbek.

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Your rights as an executive in labour law!

Specialist law firm for labour law - Dr. Granzin Rechtsanwälte

Do you occupy a special position within the workforce and play a leading role? Well, so do we - our six lawyers advising on employment law are all specialist lawyers for employment law and therefore not only have a passion for employment law, but also special knowledge and experience, which are a prerequisite for the award and receipt of a specialist lawyer title.

In your position, parts of the employer's right to issue instructions have been transferred to you, resulting in special features. You may also be an executive employee. What exactly does this mean and who decides on this labour law figure? The legal term originates from the Works Constitution Act, which primarily ties executive employees to hiring and dismissal powers, procuration or a certain freedom to issue instructions. Whoever exercises employer powers or has a corresponding clause in the employment contract is therefore automatically a manager and should also strive for this position? No, it depends on the factual situation, i.e. the actual employment relationship, and requires careful consideration as to whether this legal figure comes into play or should come into play. This is not only accompanied by rights, but also obligations and limited protection against dismissal. Furthermore, the Works Constitution Act and the Working Hours Act do not apply. Is the employer allowed to use seventy or eighty hours a week to answer your e-mails and at 22:30 to answer your e-mails? And do you have to accept an unjustified dismissal when paying a severance payment?

Let us advise you on whether you are a manager, what effects this will have on you and what special features will apply to you. The establishment and also termination of an employment relationship in management level gives large organization area, leave you here no salaries, gratuities, amenities, evaluations and promotion chances lie - we advise you comprehensively!

Why we represent both managers and employers and how you benefit from it!

Labour law from a 360° perspective

We are firmly convinced that our strength lies precisely in our ability to act on both the employee and employer sides and to know and keep in mind the interests of all parties involved. The key to resolving a labour dispute is to find a solution that all parties can go along with. Particularly in an ongoing employment relationship, the enforcement of your rights must be seen and shaped in the overall context of the employment relationship. We have the experience on both sides and use it specifically for our clients.

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